SMC コンバージョンキット、フルキットの既製品生産終了





The following products have been made to order, but orders and production will be discontinued at the end of August due to changes in the system.
Products not on the list are sold out and are already ended.

P.S.: Build-to-order manufacturing has been ended on 8/31. Orders will be shipped as soon as they are available. Moreover, although it is a very small amount, only products that are in stock due to cancellation etc. can be handled.

Thank you to everyone who has orders for the following products and those who have so far requested.


・TK-111 1/24 HAMANN Victory Ⅱ Conversion Kit 生産終了/ sold

・TK-110 1/24 HAMANN LP640 Conversion Kit 生産終了/ sold

・TK-109 1/24 LP640 ROADSTER VERSACE / Clear-hood Conversion Kit 生産終了/在庫のみ/Stock only

・TK-108 1/24 LP640 Conversion Kit 生産終了/ sold

・TK-107 1/24 LP560-4 Conversion Kit /Cordelia 生産終了/ sold

・TK-106 1/24 LP560-4 Conversion Kit /Apollo 生産終了/ sold

・TK-009 1/24 LP570-4 superleggera Conversion Kit 生産終了/ sold

・TK-008 1/24 LP570-4 Squadra Corse Conversion Kit 生産終了/ sold

・TK-007 1/24 GALLARDO LP560-4 Conversion Kit 生産終了/ sold

・K-001 1/24 Birdcage 75th Geneva Motor Show ’05 生産終了/ sold